Good Market 2016

Good Market is a biyearly pop up shop hosted by Friends of Graphic Design at Portland State University. It is student run, student led, and sells student work. This year I was the President of the committee that organizes, brands, and produces the event. With Good Market the primary logo mark stays the same, but with each season the surrounding materials change to fit a theme or a season. I created four patterns within a color scheme that felt fun and festive without directly representing any holidays. I created this series to work as a flexible system to rotate and create excitement around the event. This system was both student facing and public facing so it had two stages; one to gather the work and volunteers and one to attract the portland design community and potential shoppers. The event was a success, we beat last year's sales goals! Lots of great work came out of it and we're hoping to continue this success at the next spring shop.

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